Jan Norsetter


Fortid, nĂ¥tid og framtid

(under konstruksjon)



-Vend andletet mot soli, so hev du skuggen bak deg.


Vi presenterer:

Jan Norsetter USA


Jan Norsetter has been painting and drawing since childhood. She studied art in college and graduated with a B.S in art education, and an M.A. and M.F.A., from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She focused on printmaking during and immediately after college. For more than a decade she has been painting: landscape, still life and rosemaling.

Her favorite medium is oil painting en plein air. Most of her plein air paintings are from locations within 50 miles of her Verona, Wisconsin home. Local, rural scenes including the Sugar River and its surrounds are favorite painting venues. She has also plein air painted in the rest of Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Italy and Ireland. Plein air is all about capturing the mood of a day or a specific scene--showing the extraordinary beauty of the ordinary world.

Over the years Norsetter has studied oil painting with Larry Junkins, Diane Rath, Jonathan Wilde, and Santos Zingale. She has also studied rosemaling with Norwegian and American painters: Sigmund Aarseth, Nils Ellingsgard, Egil Dahle, Turid Helle Fatland, Unni Lien, Eldrid Arntsen, Jean Giese, Joanne McVey, Gayle Oram, Pam Rucinski, and Nancy Schmid. She admires the landscape paintings of Clyde Aspevig, Scott Christensen, Percy Grey, Edgar Payne, Theodore Robinson, Richard Schmid, Jonathan Wilde to name a few.

All pictures are sent to us by Jan Norsetter